How to get the best app preview video for your app!

For an app to gain conversion rates, the most important factor in app store page optimization. This includes a lot of factors, like app descriptions, screenshots, and app preview videos.

App preview video plays a significant role in conversion rates. In an analysis, good app preview video gained 25% more conversions. But getting a good and on point, app preview video is difficult and challenging.
An app preview video is like a trailer for your app’s content, quality, and overall experience. So, when a user downloads the app watching the video, he’s likely to keep it. It is expected to make a user excited about your app. In short, it adds value about the app’s features, which cannot be done through texts and images, and stimulates user experience.

Here what most top app store optimisation company focus on while producing an app preview video:

Always focus on making a short and engaging app preview video. With millions of videos and billions of viewing hours, users who click the video, if not engaging, lose interest quickly and mostly prefer short, engaging videos. So, try to make a short, entertaining video that quickly escalates to the app’s point.

App video content:
Different apps have different factors to focus on. While games need to focus on graphics, concept, sound effects, UX narratives, and game mechanics, other apps need to focus on how you can convince users to download your app and what makes you stand out.
Always focus on showing the best features of your app rather than how to use it.

Video length:
the app stores have only a limited amount of time, nearly 15-30 sec. Don’t try to test viewers’ patience by focusing on showing all features, but only important ones.

Sound and narrations:
Try to give good background music and decent subtitles for the people who watch videos in public.

A/B testings:

A/b testing for your app preview video helps understand if the app preview works and brings any conversion rates and optimizes the app video at its best.
Every top aso company needs to perform a/b testing while optimising app pages.

Start the video with the most impactful messages. In an analysis, users only watch 4-6 secs of video before losing interest. So always start the video with the best message.

When localizing the app, localize the app preview video too. When optimizing the app, focus on making the video closest to the native culture. It plays a huge role in conversion rates.


To make the point in short, app preview video is a gateway for getting quality users and a better conversion rate. Focus on features showing out the features which convince the users.