Invest Like A Boss: Lessons From The Titans Of Wall Street

If you aren’t investing now, you know you will in a few years. In a society where time is of the essence and opportunity knocks at every door, the concept of letting your money work for you has become essential. However, investing through a share market app could seem a bit complicated – BSE, NASDAQ, ETF, IPO, and more confusing concepts hiding behind confusing acronyms. 

Lucky for you, many global stock market platforms decode it for you. Apps like Appreciate allow you to invest in US stocks or US ETFs all the way from India, too. Something that seemed so difficult before is made easy using Appreciate. With a few clicks, you’re already investing!

No one likes free advice imposed on them unexpectedly, but trust me, you want the beacons of wisdom that the well-known, legendary investors have distributed about the global share market. From Warren Buffet’s patient approach to compounding, to Peter Lynch’s knack for spotting opportunities, these titans of Wall Street have offered invaluable lessons for investors of all levels.

Let’s discuss a few takeaways from these investment titans that can boost your portfolio and help you invest like a pro:

  • As Warren Buffett recommends, “Our favorite holding period is forever.” taking a long-term approach to investing is essential. Trying to make quick trades rarely leads to sustained gains. Compound – patience, and discipline are key while investing. Interestingly, you’ll notice how this piece of advice applies to many other aspects of your life, too.
  • “Invest in what you know” is a famous quote from the renowned Peter Lynch. Understand the companies you are buying and believe in them. Avoid rash decisions and quick trading when using a trading app online. Instead of following the crowd and reacting to stock market news, stick to your analysis and tune out all the noise. 
  • The ‘Boglehead’ portfolio might sound funny, but it refers to a portfolio that follows the investing principles of John Bogle. As the respected investor preached, diversify your holdings across various stocks and sectors, which, in simple words, means don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Bogle suggested placing at least 95% of your investable assets into low-cost, diversified index funds.
  • Going back in time with Benjamin Graham, a legend of the 80s-90s, he emphasized, “The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.” It can’t be that surprising that he said that – the urge to be swayed by our fear and greed often leads to panic sales or constantly time the markets. Investing with discipline through all the ups and downs always pays off over time. 
  • Finally, prioritize minimizing fees and taxes. As Vanguard founder Jack Bogle said, “The miracle of compounding returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny of compounding costs.” Minimizing investment expenses, transaction costs, and taxes lets you keep more of your returns, and who wouldn’t like that?

There are no crystal balls or guarantees when it comes to investing. Using an online trading app such as ‘Appreciate’ has definitely made it easy and worth looking into. But by learning from the time-tested wisdom of these legends, investors can tilt the odds in their favor. Do your homework, diversify, invest regularly, and follow these tips to become a successful investor today.